Rental Policy

No Refunds due to weather, but in the case of hazards weather (i.e. lighting) a weather raincheck can be issued. Rainchecks are good for one year from the date of rental on any equipment rental.

Pet Policy:
No pets allowed on the Mastercraft. A pet fee of $50 will be added for pets on any other rental boat. Maximum of two pets. Damage caused buy pets will be billed at the shop rate.

Fishing Policy:
Fishing is allowed on all non-Mastercraft boats. The Customer is responsible for any damaged incurred by fishing.

Cleanliness Policy:
A $125/hr (one hour minimum) fee will be added to the bill if there is an excess amount of sand (please rinse your feet if you are on the beach before getting on the boat), trash, stains etc. left on the rentals. We expect the boat back in the condition it was sent out. On the Mastercraft the fee is $250/hr (one hour minimum).

Damage Policy:
Damage will be billed at a shop rate of $200/hr. plus parts ($275/hr. for the Mastercraft).

For a tipped Jet Ski $1000, Rocks in impeller of Jet ski $1000

Prop (non-Mastercraft) $300, Mastercraft prop $1000.

An estimation will be billed and collected immediately. Any over payment will be refunded. Additionally, the customer is responsible for the daily rental rate while the boat or watercraft is unavailable.

Cancellation Policy:
Bookings may be cancelled up to 30 days in advance of reservation free of charge.

Bookings may be rescheduled up to 7 days in advance of reservation date free of charge.

Bookings may only be rescheduled once and upon rescheduling the free cancelation outside of 30 days is forfeited.

Bookings cancelled within 30 days of reservation will forfeit 50% of original booking fee.

Bookings rescheduled within 7 days will have a $100 rescheduled fee.

Bookings cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hours will forfeit the entire rental cost.